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Hanging & Display

Hanging & Display


What is a Picture Hanging System ?



A picture Hanging System allows you to change the art on your walls as often as you like without damaging the walls. Ideal for galleries, museums, offices, schools, showrooms and homes.

Picture hanging & display systems



Most picture hanging systems consist of a rail fixed to the wall. Suspenders or rods hang from the rail. Adjustable hooks slide onto the suspender or rod.




  • Supplied in 2m or 3m lengths, generally 2 or 3 rails per pack.
  • You can cut them to length or join them up to make longer runs.
  • Straight and corner joiners, and end caps, are available for most rails.
  • With the exception of the J Rail and Uprail, all rails are fitted to the wall using fixing buttons or clips spaced approx. 300mm apart.
  • Screws are not supplied as you will need to use the right type of screw and plug for your wall.

Suspenders and rods

  • Look out for the numbers in circles to guide you to the suspenders or rods compatible with the rail you are considering.


  • Picture hooks slide onto the rods/suspenders.
  • Some are self-locking, others lock with a screw.


Which picture hanging system is right for me ?


Compare the systems on the following pages and consider:hs_stas


  • The loading you need the rails to take.
  • Your budget. We've given each component a budget indicator so you can make quick comparisons.
  • How discreet do you want the system to be? Look at the size of the rail and how it is fixed.
  • Suspenders are more discreet than rails, but generally require a stepladder to change.
  • Gallery rods are more obvious but are rigid and easier to move and change from ground level.
  • How confident is the installer ? The fixing clip for Newly rails is more forgiving of minor misalignments.
  • Hooks - for ease of use, choose self-locking types. If budget is your priority, screw-locking types may suit.
  • Security - some hooks have a security clip to deter theft.




How do I work out how much to order ?

  • Sketch the space where you want to fit the system. Measure the sections where you want to fit rail.
  • Work out number of lengths of rail you'll need. Remember, you can cut rails to length with a fine tooth hacksaw and use joiners.
  • From your sketch, count up the number of straight and corner joiners and end caps you'll need.
  • If the rail uses fixing clips or buttons, order enough for one app. every 300mm.
  • Unless you know exactly how many pictures you're going to want to hang, order app. 2 rods/suspenders and 4 hooks per metre or rail.








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