As a leading trade supplier we stock a large selection of high quality, market-leading brands of cutting and joining equipment, mountboards, hardware and tools.

  • Alfamacchine:

    Underpinners, double mitre-saws, v-nail fasteners

    Known for U-300 series of foot-operated underpinners

  • Colourmount:

    Coloured mountboard in over 100 finishes

    Known for Jumbo board, Conservation solid core

  • Daler:

    Coloured mountboards, large colour selection

    Known for Museum and Conservation, white core

  • Fletcher-Terry:

    Cutting and joining machinery, assembly and finishing tools and hardware

    Known for Fletcher’s Framers Points

  • Inglet:

    Underpinners, mitre saws and guillotines

    Known for Inglet M481 Mitre saw for aluminium

  • Inmes:

    Underpinners, mitre saws, point drivers & consumables.

    Known for IM-3 series of foot operated underpinners, Type C V-nails

  • Keencut:

    Specialist manual cutting equipment

    Known for Futura professional straightline mat cutter, Excalibur vertical cutter

  • Logan:

    Logan's line offers products for light usage, all purpose, and high volume production.

  • Morso:

    Mitre saws and guillotines

    Known for Morso Model F double mitre saw

  • Omer:

    Pneumatic tools and fasteners

    Known for Omer 50.16 Air Staplers

  • STAS:

    A complete range of hanging systems which enable you to hang your pictures quickly and easily in every situation.

  • Value:

    LION’s own brand of high quality mountboards

    Known for Conservation, Standard and White core mountboards