• Alfamacchine is a world-renowned Italian manufacturer of high-quality, specialist equipment and consumables for picture framing. Commercial framers of all sizes choose Alfamacchine for extremely reliable, easy to use underpinners and double mitre saws that offer excellent value for money. The same thoughtful design and superior build quality goes into all Alfamacchine equipment. With Alfamacchine equipment you’ll get great results, easily. See all Alfamacchine products here.

  • Alfamacchine V Nails & Flexipoints

    Alfamacchine V Nails have a unique Power Twist design; the patented taper shape pulls the join tightly together.

    Alfamacchine Flexipoints and Semi Rigid Points fit most point drivers

  • U200 Foot Operated Underpinner

    Foot operated underpinner for quality bespoke picture framing. Thoughtful design and very high build quality deliver professional results with ease.

  • U300, U300P, U400S Semi-Automatic Underpinners

    Premium quality air operated underpinners for busy bespoke and contract framing workshops.

  • U500 & U600 Programmable Underpinners

    Consistent, highly efficient frame joining for the busiest picture framing workshops.

  • T400 Double Mitre Saw

    Top quality double mitre saw for trouble-free picture frame manufacturing.

  • Press Fix Hangers

    Press fix hangers and fixing machines for volume and contract frame production.