• Inglet was founded in Spain in 1944 and now manufactures a wide range of machinery for picture framers, sign makers, and viscom industries. Inglet's sheet material cutters and aluminium mitre saws are innovative, high quality products.

  • Inglet MT481 Mitre Saw for aluminium

    For fast, accurate and safe cutting of a wide variety of aluminium frames and sub frame profiles. Ideal for those cutting around 40 aluminium frames per day.

    - 250mm blade cuts from below, reducing vibrations, which gives a very neat and precise join
    - Cuts 45° and 90° only
    - Offcuts and swarf are safely deflected downwards into the disposal chute
    - Low noise 0.75hp 3000rpm single-phase motor
    - Max cutting height 54mm, max cutting width 50mm

    9563 Inglet MT481 Mitre Saw for aluminium

  • Inglet Verdi Twin Vertical Panel Cutter

    2-in-1 sheet material cutter that cuts almost all panel materials.

    Verdin Twin has two cutting modes:

    Vertical Power Saw - 250mm diameter blade for cutting wood, aluminium, aluminium composite panels, PVC, acrylic, MDF, and fluted plastic. Up to 22mm.

    Vertical Blade Cutter - Powerful pneumatic actuator moves blade carrier. A sharp blade cuts foamboard, gatorboard, mountboard, cardboard and various other boards.

  • Inglet Verdi Basic Vertical Saw

    Precisely and easily cut a wide range of rigid and semi-rigid sheet materials.

    - Ideal for busy workshops
    - Suitable for the framing, sign making, display industries
    - Cuts aluminium, PVC, MDF, acrylic, wood, etc.
    - Max cutting height: 2100mm
    - Max cutting thickness: 22mm
    - Available in five sizes with differing maximum cutting dimensions

  • Inglet Wincut Powered Blade Cutter

    Engineered to cut most softer panel materials and a wide range of rigid and semi-rigid substances, including glass.

    Blade cutting head is slides pneumatically, ideal for busy framing, sign-making, and display workshops.

    - Max cutting height: 305cm
    - Max cutting thickness: 22mm (3mm glass)
    - Glass cutting head is included as standard