• Keencut use the finest materials to produce state of the art machinery for cutting mountboard and sheet materials. Keencut offer a wide selection of workbench bar cutters and vertical sheet cutters.

  • Keencut Ultimat Futura Mountcutter

    A heavy-duty mountcutter that copes easily with all day cutting of both thick conservation board and standard mountboard.

    Versatile and technically advanced professional mountcutter.

    - Ball bearing rollers deliver a sliding action that is smooth, precise and ultra low friction
    - Unique micro-stops for precision adjustment
    - Fatigue reducing roller lift & hold

  • Keencut Excalibur 5000

    The perfect solution for cutting a wide range of sheet materials to size. Ideal for the professional framer, sign-maker, photo lab or graphic studio.

    - Cut mountboard, backing board, glass, styrene, MDF, acrylic, and more
    - Twist & lock rotating turret
    - Integral counterbalance
    - Full-length clamping
    - Telescopic legs
    - Easy-to-use production stops

  • Keencut Futura Flexo

    Ideal for cutting flexographic plate precisely and for general use. Cut flexo plates, floor graphics and other materials with a seamless splice.

    - Bevel and vertical cutting on one head
    - Ergonomically designed cutting head
    - Magnetic blade holder
    - Unique roller lift and hold

  • Keencut SteelTrak

    A heavy-duty board cutter that is robust, reliable, and easy-to-use. Produce a clean finished edge on many rigid materials.

    - Cuts aluminium, PVC foam board, fluted plastics, corrugated card, and more
    - 20 year replacement guarantee on all sliding bearings
    - Turn and lock ready mounted tools Perma-lock squaring for accurate cutting every time Same cut line for all tools Low friction ball bearings on a steel track