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  • Logan Graphics is a long-established company designing and producing a wide range of picture framing equipment and tools all levels of user. Made in USA.

Logan Blades - Rectangular

Updated 07/04/2020

Used in most Logan cutters, except Logan 650 series Framers Edge

  • Logan #270 D blades
    39 x 18mm. 0.31mm / 0.012” thick Reversible Edge ground on both faces. Used with most Logan cutters:

    Team System Plus #424-1 2717 and #440-1 2718
    402 #2000 Push Style Bevel Cutter
    1064 #4000 Deluxe Pull Style Bevel
    3879 #701-1 Straight Cutter 
    1606 #500 Mat Knife
    #525 DIY Kit
    #F60 Dust Cover Trimmer
    #301-1 Compact Classic 1605 and#350-1 Compact Elite 7501
    4878 450-1 Artist Elite 
    Simplex Classic #550-1 3745 and #560-1
    Simplex Elite #750-1 7794 and #760-1 7528

    1227 Logan #270 D blades pack 10
    5065 Logan #270 D blades pack 50
    798 Logan #270 D blades pack 100

  • Logan #271 SE blades
    39 x 18mm. 0.31mm /0.012” thick, not reversible.

    Same as #270 D blade but is a single bevel blade with the edge ground on one side only.
    The #271 SE is used with the #5000 8 ply / 3mm cutter only when cutting thicker 8 ply rag board.

    7722 #5000 Bevel cutter 8 ply / 3mm

    7710 Logan #271 SE blades pack 20

Blades only for use in Logan Framers Edge mountcutters

  • Logan #269 D blades
    39 x 18mm, 0.41mm (38?) /0.015” thick Reversible
    Double bevel blade, with the sharp edge ground on both sides. The blade is reversible. Used only in the Framers Edge series.

    3420 Logan #269 blades pack of 100

  • Logan #268 SE blades
    39 x 18mm. 0.41mm (38?) /0.015” thick, not reversible.
    Same size as the #269 D blade but is a single bevel blade with the sharp edge only ground on one side. Not reversible. The #268 SE is used when cutting thicker 8 ply/3mm and harder boards

    3420 Logan #269 D blades pack 100
    7128 Logan #268 SE blades pack 10

Logan Blades - Pointed

  • Logan #324 D blades
    44 x 9.5mm, 0.64mm thick. Edge ground on both faces, Fits Logan 201 3-Step Oval Cutter.

    1748 Logan #201 3-Step Oval/Circle cutter 201
    3920 Logan #201 blades pack 5 324-5
    1749 Logan #324 blades pack 20 324-20

  • Logan #1258 D blades
    44.5mm x 9mm, 0.69mm thick. Edge ground on both faces, fits Logan V-Groover. Product no longer available.

    4518 Logan #1258 blades pack 20

Logan Books on Framing

Updated 07/04/2020

All free to download

  • ‘The Basic Guide to Mat Decoration’ by Vivian C. Kistler, CPF GCF #240

    Detailed descriptions of a wide variety of techniques using inks, watercolours, acrylic paints, pastels, tapes, rub-on designs, art papers, ribbons, and rubber stamps to decorate matboards.

    Download here

  • ‘Do-It-Yourself Picture Framing’ by Vivian C Kistler, CPF GCF #241

    Picture framing requires a working knowledge of materials and equipment. With practice and the right tools, a handy craftsperson can produce attractive framed pieces at home.

    Download here

  • ‘Mat Board Magic’ by Eileen L. Hull #251

    Mountboard is used in a picture frame to protect and enhance the artwork. Available in a wide variety of colours and textures and Eileen describes lots of ways to be creative in its use.

    Download here

  • 'Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing' by Malcolm David Logan #245

    Explains in detail how to use the full range of Logan framing equipment and tools. Frame moulding cutting and joining and mounts of all kinds.

    Download here

  • ‘Foam Board Magic’ Creative Foamboard Projects for Home, School, and more by Eileen L. Hull #252

    The FoamWerks range of cutting tools make working with foamboard a delight. They help users cut and shape in all sorts of ways, including small holes and large circles.

    Download here