• Morso Mitre Guillotines have been manufactured in Denmark by DanList for over 100 years. All Morso Guillotines have two super sharp blades set at right angles to slice through picture frame moulding. Mitre cut wood and polymer mouldings with minimal noise and dust. Choose between foot or electro-hydraulic operation.

  • Morso F Foot Operated Mitre Guillotine

    Cuts double 45° mitres in wood and polymer mouldings for quality bespoke picture framing. Leaves the mitred cut faces smooth and accurate.

    - Twin return springs automatically return the blades to starting position.
    - Offcuts slide down chute at rear for collection.
    - Does not require air or electrical supply.
    - Creates no noise or dust.
    - Micro-adjustable rebate supports prevent the rebate lip from cracking

  • Morso EH Noiseless Hydraulic Mitre Guillotine

    The electro-hydraulic power system does all the hard work. Very quiet in operation with little or no dust created. Fully self-contained, no need for an air supply.

    - Around 70db whilst in operation
    - Powerful, smooth cutting action achieves superbly smooth cuts on all kinds of wood and polymer mouldings
    - Electro-hyraulic power system does the hard work so you don't have to, ideal for large production workshops
    - Interlocked safety switches ensure safe operation

  • Morso Mitre Guillotine Spare Blades

    Made by Morso using special steel produced in Austria, giving them an excellent quality and a very long life.

    Lion stocks three types of Morso blades;
    1005 Morso Standard Blades, Extra strong with a hardness of Rockwell HR64, others are often max. HR58.

    1006 Morso Double Ended Blades, Made to fit either way around to give twice as much use out of the blade from each regrind. Max moulding width of 30mm.

    9488 Morso Eco 60 Blades, a lower cost alternative, made from one solid piece of steel with a hardness of HR60.