• Inmes are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality picture framing equipment, V Nails and Flexis. Their V Nails have been in production for over 26 year and are used regularly by framers all over the world.

  • Inmes Type C V Nails (wedges)

    Manufactured from low-carbon steel with high tension resistance. Strict quality control procedures ensure all V Nails meet exacting tolerances.

    Type C V Nails work perfectly with Inmes IM-2 & IM-4p and all Cassese underpinners using plastic cartridges.

    - Normal Type C for normal wood are shapened on the inside edge only
    - Hardwood are for joining harder woods and are sharpened on both edges to counter the resistance of such woods.

    See the range of Inmes Type C V-Nails here.

  • Inmes Type UNI V Nails

    10.3mm wide to fit many popularly underpinners including Cassese. Available in 'Normal' and 'Hardwood', depending on the hardness of the wood being joined.

    - Approximately 144 V Nails per bonded stick

    - Choice of pack quantities and length of V Nail

    - Precision sharpened for smooth and straight penetration of the frame moulding

    See the range of Inmes Type UNI V-Nails here.

  • Inmes IM-3 Foot Operated Underpinner

    The Inmes IM-3 foot operated underpinner is well suited to the smaller professional bespoke framing workshop.

    - Max moulding size: 120mm wide, 105mm tall
    - Chain driven insertion mechanism with no cable to stretch or break
    - Height adjustable foot pedal to reduce operator fatique
    - 900mm high, 370mm x 380mm, 20kg
    - Rigid and robust steel frame with adjustable feet for added stability
    - Solid steel v-nail insertion hammer for longevity

    6917 Inmes IM-3 Foot Operated Underpinner


  • Inmes IM-5P Air-Operated Underpinner

    Ideal for busy bespoke and smaller contract framing workshops. It works with almost all mouldings including wide, complex or harder wood profiles.

    - Joins wood and polymer mouldings up to 152mm wide and 125mm tall
    - Uses high quality Inmes type UNI V Nails loaded into interchangeable steel magazines
    - Top pressure pads pulled down with twin air pistons for maximum stability
    - Moulding stays clamped in fixed position during entire joining cycle

    6691 Inmes IM-5P Air-Operated Underpinner