Value Mountboards

  • LION introduced this carefully curated collection of mountboards over 25 years ago it has been popular with framers and their customers ever since. Made in the UK, it offers Conservation, White Core and Cream Core in a range of just twenty two colours which meets the majority of any framers’ requirements.

  • Value Conservation

    - Acid-free cores of alpha-cellulose, which start white and stay white.
    - Nine great colours, including Hayloft and Black
    - Face papers are colour-fast, bleed resistant and sized
    - Boards are buffered and with no OBAs
    - Backing papers are off-white and acid free

    See the range here

  • Value White Core

    - Pure white core, free of lignin which removes the risk of acid developing over time.
    - Cores are pH neutral and with calcium carbonate buffering
    - Face and backing papers are lignin free
    - Choose from 21 popular colours

    See the range here

  • Value Cream Core

    - Use these boards where fair quality at a good price is the deciding factor
    - Core us virgin wood pulp, pale ivory
    - Face papers are alkaline sized, lignin free and pH neutral
    - Make your choice from 20 colours

    See the range here