Picture Framing Supplies UK Materials & Equipment for Framers £50 minimum order

Art Installer/ Building Manager

Versatile, Safe & Secure Picture Hanging

• Change displays of artwork without damaging walls

• Hang heavier pictures & mirrors safely

• Discreet security for pictures


Art Hanging systems

An Art Hanging System allows you to hang and change the art on your walls as often as you like without damaging the walls. Ideal for galleries, museums, offices, schools, showrooms and homes. Art hanging systems consist of a rail fixed to the wall. Suspenders or rods hang from the rail. Adjustable hooks slide onto the suspender or rod and carry the art. To view our art Hanging Systems click here.


Security Fixings

SpringLock ©- Developed and made in the UK, it has been proven in 1000’s of hotels, public buildings and restaurants around the world. It works with any kind of wall material, including drywall. SpringLOCK© fits over almost any screw, 6, 8, or 10 in a wall. Leave 3mm clear under the heads. The Locks are pushed home with thumb pressure. They can only be removed with the special Release Tool.

T-Screws - T-Screws fix into a plug in the wall. When turned, the T-head engages with a slotted plate on the back of a wooden frame or the channel of an aluminium frame. Our T-screws work with most wood and polymer mouldings as well as double-plate aluminium profiles. T-Screw is turned with a T-screw spanner which slips behind the frame. This hidden fixing makes the frame safe and secure on the wall.


Heavy Duty Hanging


View our selection of heavy duty picture hooks and hangers, which can be used for hanging heavy frames. We have heavy duty hangers available for almost any application.