What is a ChromaLuxe Panel?

ChromaLuxe™ printed panels are perfect for artwork & photography in both domestic & commercial settings.

Inks are infused into specially coated aluminium plates, and the resulting prints take on a striking luminescence with a 3D-like effect. They have unsurpassed life & durability, and can be perfectly finished with an aluminium frame.

ChromaLuxe™ HD Panels are 1.2mm thick lightweight aluminium plates that are tested to be 4 times more durable than archival photo prints. They're very difficult to scratch and 100% water and bleach resistant!

What's more, they are easy to hang, and even more eye-catching when framed. We stock & supply everything you need to Display & Frame printed panels such as ChromaLuxe™

Display: with Panel Hanging Plates or a Sub-Frame

Self-Adhesive Panel Hanging Plates are quick & simple. They bond directly to the Printed Panel and hang straight onto the wall.

You'll need 1 or 2 plates for each panel - they are available in a variety of sizes here.

Assemble & attach an aluminium Sub-Frame to add depth & rigidity to the back of a Printed Panel. A Sub-Frame will:

  • Provide a way to hang the panel
  • Float the panel away from the wall by 8mm, 15mm or 25mm - dependant on Sub-Frame profile
  • Add rigidity and substance to the panel

They're very simple to assemble and fit! A Sub-Frame profile is used to make a frame that is slightly smaller than the Printed Panel to allow a reasonable border.  Mitred pieces are joined using a Sub-Frame Kit and stuck to the back of the Printed Panel with Heavy Duty (HD) Bonding Tape. Hangers are then fitted to the frame.

You can cut the Sub-Frame profiles yourself if you have the correct equipment, or order them Pre-Mitred from us on our Chop Service.

View our range of Sub-Frame profiles here.

Frame: in Art or Tray style using aluminium frame mouldings

Art Frame profiles give a polished finish, where the rebate hides the edges of the Printed Panel. We have a wide variety of aluminium Art Frame profiles to choose from, including AluWood - aluminium wrapped in real wood veneers.  View the full range of Art Frames here.

You can cut the aluminium profiles yourself, or order them Pre-Mitred via our Chop Service.

Tray Frame profiles provide for a more contemporary style by creating a Shadow Gap between the Printed Panel and the frame. View our aluminium Tray Frames here - select from the M430 range for a more exaggerated Shadow Gap.

You can cut the aluminium profiles yourself, or order them Pre-Mitred via our Chop Service.