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Daler Mountboards Supply Updates

Daler Mountboards


Daler are currently experiencing some supply challenges during their manufacturing relocation project. We are working hard with them to ensure we can meet your order expectations over the coming weeks and apologise in advance for any delay in getting your orders to you.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact your Sales Manager, contact us or call us on 0121 773 1230.


To keep you informed we'll be updating this page regularly as and when we know more... 


We have listed all recommended alternatives for when Daler mountboards are out of stock - CLICK HERE


September 13th 2017 -

We have received another delivery from Daler, things are on the up as mountboard stock levels are slowly returning to normal and service is continuing to improve.


September 8th 2017 -

Today we have received a sizable delivery from Daler, meaning many out of stock products are now back in stock. Our supply of Daler products is heading in the right direction as we continue to work to ensure our stock levels are as healthy as possible. 


August 11th 2017 -
We have received a delivery from Daler, the first we've had for several weeks. Service is heading in the right direction and we hope to have more Daler products in stock in the coming weeks. As always, we will post regular updates on this page when we get them.


August 9th 2017 -
We received notification that the delay in service is a result of errors with the new software implemented at their logistics centre. These errors have made it impossible to pick and despatch orders. They anticipate all outstanding orders will be fulfilled in three to four weeks after resolving some of these issues.

Some of Daler's production machinery is still in their old warehouse and will be moved in September. Production will stop for six weeks while the machinery is moved. We have been reassured that enough board has been made to more than cover this period. They anticipate normal service resuming around mid-October.


July 21st 2017 -
As we have had a price increase from the supplier, all Daler and Value mountboard prices will be going up from August 1st. We will not be passing on the full increase to customers but the changes will be as follows: Value prices increasing by 5%, Daler Conservation, White Core and Cream Core increases by ~20%.


July 14th 2017 -
Unfortunately, some lines of Daler mountboard are starting to go out of stock. We are doing everything we can to rectify this and have placed several orders to replenish this stock, we are not currently receiving these orders. Daler seem to be having problems in supply much earlier than forecast. We will inform you when we get more information from the supplier.


June 16th 2017 -
Due to a lack of availability on Daler mountboard from other suppliers, we have seen an exceptional increase in orders. This is starting to use up the mountboard we had pre-ordered for the planned closure period throughout August and September. We are experiencing difficulty in supply of mountboard that has not been reserved. You may experience some problems with stock availability.


May 31st 2017 -
The planned closure in production has been scheduled for the start of August and is expected to last until mid-October. In response to this, we have pre-ordered much more stock than usual and have had stock produced and kept for us so we can continue to provide customers with a steady supply of board. Our cost increases have started to come into effect, we will release news of how this will impact you shortly.


May 9th 2017 -
Following a change in ownership, Daler have informed us that they plan to close their Wareham site. Production is being re-located to Bracknell as part of our their significant investment in their new logistics site. There will also be prices changes across the range.