How to Assemble an Aluminium Tray Frame

Frame printed panels, such as Chromaluxe™, in a contemporary style by creating a 'shadow gap' between the panel and the frame. See how easy it is to assemble your aluminium Tray Frame using Corner Hardware Kits that contain everything you need – all you have to own is a screwdriver!

You will need an aluminium assembly kit and mitred aluminium chops. Either mitre them on your own aluminium saw or order on our Chop Service.

Tip: Ensure mitred aluminium frame pieces allow room for the desired shadow gap around the printed panel.

  • Sub Frame Corner Hardware

    1) Slot in the assembly corners to the back of one of the corners of the chopped aluminium frame.

    2) Work your way around the four corners, tightening the hardware with a screwdriver.

    3) Flip the joined frame onto its back

  • Aluminium Tray Frame Moulding

    4) Apply tape to the inner lengths of the tray frame. Use HD bonding tape, for a permanent fix or use 2-part magnetic tape for graphic panels that need to be removed or changed.

    5) Peel the release paper half of the way down all four sides. Fold the release paper underneath the tray frame to keep it out of the way.

  • Position printed graphic panel

    6) Lightly position the graphic panel, ensuring it is centralised with equal gaps around.

  • Position printed graphic panel

    7) When happy with the positioning press down on the corners where the tape adhesive is exposed.

    8) Remove the remainder of the release paper then smooth the print into place. Push down firmly to ensure a good bond with the tape.

  • CWH Picture Hangers

    9) Flip the print onto its front and apply the CWH3 Square Sawtooth Hangers, measure down from the top of the frame so that the hangers are levels and the frame hangs straight.

  • Foam bumpers printed graphic panel

    10) Stick foam bumpers to both bottom corners of the panel, this is to help the panel hang flat and protect the wall.