How to Attach a Sub-Frame to a Graphic Panel

Add depth and rigidity to a printed panel by attached a Sub Frame to the back.

  • Sub Frame for Graphic Panel

    Stage 1 Assemble Sub Frame

    1) Cut the Sub Frame length to size using Mitre saw or have it cut for you by LION on our Chop Service.

    2) Using a hardware kit, slot the corners together and screw into place. The two plates will expand as you screw them which binds the two corners of the sub frame together.

  • HD Bonding Tape Self Adhesive

    Stage 2 Applying HD Bonding Tape

    1) Adhere double sided HD Bonding Tape down the lengths of the front of the sub frame. Cut to size to ensure not tape is protruding over the edges.

    2) Peel the tape on each side down half way, folding the backing of the tape outside of the sub frame.

  • HD Bonding Tape

    Stage 2b Applying HD Bonding Tape

    3) Lightly position the frame against the graphic panel, check if it is centered with a tape measure.

    4) When position is correct, press down the corners where the adhesive is exposed.

    5) Pull off the remaining backing of the tape.

    6) Apply pressure all around the frame so that it is securely fixed to the graphic panel.

  • CWH Picture Hangers

    Stage 3 Picture Hangers and Bumpers

    1) Take two CWH Square Sawtooth Hangers and fix one into either side of the frame, ensure a level distance from the top so that the frame hangs straight.

  • Foam Bumpers printed graphic panel

    Stage 3b Picture Hangers and Bumpers

    2) Stick two bumpers to the bottom corners of the frame. The bumpers help the canvas to hang flat and also allow a space from the wall to help prevent dust build up.