How to Create a Space Between Glass & Artwork

Easy to use FrameTek Econospace spacers create a gap between glass and artwork. Ideal for spacing unmounted tapestries away from the glass.

To cut the Econospace you will need either 45° Slip Cutters.

  • Econospace for spacing artwork from frame

    1) Clean glass with LION Glass & Mirror Cleaner (household glass cleaners can contain wax or polish which will prevent a great bond.

    2) Cut the Econospace lengths to size and position along with four lengths of glass. Ensure you cover all edges.

  • Positioning Econospace for spacing artwork and frame

    3) Once happy with positioning, peel off the release paper from the spacers, place on cleaned glass and apply good, even pressure. Do this on all four sides.

  • Econospace with glass into frame

    4) Fit the glass into the picture frame, as you would a normal job. The Econospace spacers should be facing upward to the back of the frame.

  • Backing board into picture frame

    5) Place in your artwork, mountboard and backing board to rest on top of the spacers.

  • Sealing a picture frame with a point driver

    6) Seal the frame with a Point Driver, tape the back of the frame and fix picture hangers.