How to Fit Stronger Corners for Aluminium Frames

  • Screw fangle aluminium hardware

    1) Place the two plates of the Fangle together and slot into the top corner of the mitre aluminium frame.

    2) Screw into place with screwdriver, repeat this process for the other top corner.

  • Aluminium Framed Graphic Panel

    3) Slide in the artwork or graphic panel which you wish to frame.

  • Screw aluminium hardware into place

    4) Slot in the bottom length of moulding and tighten the two bottom corner Fangles.

    5) Run a screwdriver shaft along the length of the joint to smooth out any imperfections.

  • Aluminium hardware bow springs

    6) Position Bow Springs around all lengths between the frame and artwork to how the artwork in place.

  • CWH Picture Hanger

    7) Screw hanging hardware into the channel of the aluminium frame, measure from the top of the frame to ensure the hangers are level so the frame will hang straight.

    8) Corners of the assembled aluminium frame can be sharp. Smooth them down with edge of a screwdriver.