How to Hang a Picture with D Rings

Probably the most common method of hanging a picture is to use a pair of D Rings. They are screwed into both sides of the back of a picture frame and provide an anchor point of which picture cord can be looped around. The picture cord or wire is then used to hang the frame onto the wall with a picture hook.

D Rings with a single hole will suit most smaller picture frames, double D rings are recommended for a heavier frame. These have two screw holes so are more robust than single hole D Rings.

Hardware for attaching D Rings to a picture frame:

- Frame Sealing Tape
- D Rings
- Pan Headed Screws
- Picture Cord / Picture Wire
- Bradawl
- Screwdriver


Step 1: Applying frame backing tape to the back of frame, sealing the join between frame and backing board. This will help prevent dust and moisture entering the frame and damaging the artwork.

Step 2: To locate the D Ring insertion point measure 1/3 of the way down from the top of the frame and mark with a pencil, do this for both sides of the frame.

Step 3: Use a bradawl to make a small screw hole on the pencil mark into the frame. This will provide a starting point when inserting screws.

Step 4: Screw the D Rings into both bradawl holes, the D loops should be pointing inwards, facing each other.

Step 5: Tie picture cord around each D Ring and secure with a framer's knot. Alternatively, use picture hanging wire and ferrules.

Step 6: Prevent the picture cord from fraying by applying frame backing tape to the end.