How to Prepare a Canvas using Satin Coat for Inkjet

Satin and Gloss Coat give perfect finishes for perfect pictures. They protect the canvas surface from scuffing and moisture, and dry up to 97% optically clear. UV inhibitors help to reduce fading and extend the life of the image. See the range here.

  • Prepare satin or gloss coat

    1) Shake bottle of Satin or Gloss Coat well and squirt liberally into a paint rolling tray.

  • Coat roller with satin paint

    2) Coat a clean roller in the Satin or Gloss Coat.

  • Apply coat evenly

    3) With your canvas face up, apply the coat evenly in one direction. Followed up even strokes in a straight line.

  • Apply satin coat for inkjet canvas prints

    4) After the leaving the first coat to dry for 10 minutes, repeat the process to apply two coats.

  • 5) Allow to dry. Now your canvas will have added protection and a Satin or Gloss finish.