How to Use a Saw to Cut Aluminium Frame Mouldings

If you're producing aluminium frames in volume, we can supply you with the right cutting equipment and helps you set-up.

In this guide we tell you how to use the Inglet MT481 Single Mitre Saw - ideal for those cutting approx. 40 frames per day.

Remember, before use conduct a risk assessment and wear appropriate PPE.

  • Measure printed graphic panel

    1) Measure the graphic panel and the thickness of the aluminum frame moulding.

    2) Adjust the scale on the mitre saw to match measurements.

  • Start Aluminium Mitre Saw

    3) Slide in one length of aluminium and activate the mitre saw clamp.

    4) Press the green button to turn on the saw.

  • Aluminium Mitre Saw

    5) Move the bar horizontally, left to right, in a smooth motion to the bottom right.

  • Lever for aluminium mitre saw

    6) Slowly & uniformly raise the lever to cut the moulding.

  • Deactivate aluminium mitre saw clamp

    7) Press the red button to turn off the saw. Release the clamp and remove the mitred aluminium.

  • Aluminium Frame Moulding Lengths

    8) Repeat the above process to mitre all aluminium lengths to size, ready to assemble using Aluminium Corner Hardware.

Don't want to cut aluminium yourself? Order via our Chop Service for expertly cut lengths to your precise requirements.