Lion Newsletter November 2017


Newsletter November 2017


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Printed Panels
Shadow gap adjusted to suit, by the positioning of the printed panel. Watch our video here
How to use an L-Style moulding to make a Tray Frame for a Panel
The L-Style moulding forms a 'tray' for a printed panel (or stretched canvas) to sit in.  It creates a contemporary shadow gap between the panel and the frame, rather than hiding the panel edges under the rebate of a traditional profile.
What is a ChromaLuxe™
ChromaLuxe™ is a brand of premium quality aluminium panels for high definition dye-sublimation printing. In the dye-sublimation process, the ink is heated until it becomes gas, this then transfers into the polyester coating on the aluminium panel.  This process gives a brilliance of colour, durability and archival quality that is unique to this method of print. For info visit
Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss'
Need some inspiration?
Framers will be asked to mount and frame panels supplied by ChromaLuxe™ for their 2018 Best Mount Design entries.

We thought we'd give you some inspiration! We've mounted the panel in an aluminium L-Style profile to form a Tray Frame.  The resulting floating effect has created an exaggerated shadow gap between the panel edge and frame.
Here's how we did it ...
We used one of our brand new 2018 Collection aluminium profiles, M430 to create the tray frame and finished with the distinctive artisan-made moulding, Torino
9782 Free sample pack is available. 
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Made from cream coloured polyfibre felt-like material, these bumpers are available in 3mm, 5mm & 7mm thicknesses.  The polyfibre is un-dyed, so minimal chance of staining a wall surface. All are 15x15mm square, with the 3mm also available in 10x10mm  square. 

They come in pairs on a backing paper and are available in bags of 500 pieces, 1000 pads.




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