Lion Newsletter September 2017


Newsletter September 2017


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What's New?
Take a look at our brand new ranges - sure to inspire all framing projects, from classic to contemporary. We have also added new profiles to our popular Domino and Mono ranges, alongside some additional Finished and White Wash Slips & Spacers.  Check out the brand new Grey finish that's been added to our Fino range - all available to buy online now!
We've made your minimum order
much simpler!
Our brochure isn't the only thing that's new. You can now mix moulding lengths and chop with materials, sundries, hardware, mountboards & backing boards*, to place a min. order of £50.  This replaces the previous separate £30 sundries & £50 mouldings totals.

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*still subject to minimum number of sheets

Moulding prices will update on the weekend of 16th September. Unfortunately average prices in Mouldings 2018 have increased by around 6%, due mostly to higher costs with the weakness of £ sterling.

To help manage these (and other changes) we can send you a variety of useful bespoke information:
  • Mouldings that you buy with your current prices
  • Mouldings you've previously ordered that are deleted or due for deletion
  • Top selling mouldings: to ensure you're not missing out on any best sellers or key trends
If you have any queries regarding these changes contact Archana on 0121 773 1230 ext.358 or
Order a pack of 10 for £12.90. Product Code: 8985
This new hanger is in the American style.  It's thick steel wire loop is shaped so that it has a very high resistance to opening under load with the strap folded through it.
  • Specially designed for hanging large & heavy artwork and mirrors
  • Hangs items up to 80kg confidently
  • Double 1.5mm steel
  • 6mm holes
  • 165mm long & 3mm thick
  • Our previous largest size is the 92mm version, 6594, which hangs up to 25kg
All boards are just £2.97 per sheet when you purchase a pack of 25 sheets
Munken: Great quality & an amazing price
Our range of Munken mountboards are produced in Sweden, in one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world - a mill that produces only Cream & White papers, giving you a virtually speck-free mountboard.
  • Munken CONSERVATION is available in 0.7mm Barrier Card, and 1.4mm & 1.7mm mountboards in Pale Cream
  • Munken DUO is Pale Cream & Off-White allowing you to use either side, in 1.4mm, 1.7mm & 2.0mm mountboards.
  • Trial packs with a quarter sheet of each board available, 9466
Latest News
Part of the LION Essentials Range
In stock now!
  • Not bonded - individually lubricated
  • Great quality
  • Tried & tested by 100's of framers
  • Fit Cassese underpinners
Learn more at
2CV Team LION wins again!
2CV Team LION enjoyed mixed fortunes in the Liqui Moli 24 Hour race at Snetterton. Car 97, driven by Peter Sparrow, David O'Keeffe and Alec Graham, started from the pole, dropped to 19th with a problem and came back to win by 7 laps, the fourth 24 Hr win in a row! Car 79 kept the mechanics busy for almost the whole race, finishing 24th.




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