Lion Newsletter March 2018

MARCH 2018
Ask for a Split Batten sample piece on your next order
A unique profile to help hang bigger frames.

Our MDF Split Battens have an angled notch for easy drilling and insertion of screws.

Fix a single strip across the top of the frame, or build a support frame.  In either case the Split Batten can be screwed directly to the back of the frame, or when the moulding is deep enough, into the rebate.
  • MDF with white primer
  • Size: 88x12mm, in 3m lengths - supplied in wraps of 4 (12m total)
  • FSC™ Certified
  • Ask for a sample piece with your next order
For more info see Lion 54 p.125 or click here. If you're new to using Split Battens please contact us for advice.
Our Panel Hanging Plates are a quick & simple way to hang printed panels - whether aluminium, acrylic or ACP.

In response to your feedback, we have added finger-lift edges.  Removing the release paper is a quicker and less fiddly job. Coming into stock from the end of March.

For more info see Lion 54 p.128-129 or click here
For square-cut SUB-15 profiles.
These moulded plastic corners have a unique combination of curves that create a slight concave on the contact face, that minimises the risk of dimples on the printed face of the panel which can occasionally be caused by flexing the panel against the sharp corners of a mitred sub-frame.

For more info see Lion 54 p.50 or click here
Load Testing Rig
We have built our own Test Rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of our range of frame hardware.

Our weight icon shows in 2 forms. The all black one shows a safe load figure (SWL) based on our judgement & experience. The same with a red dot gives a safe load figure derived from tests on our rig.

Typically, we give a figure between 25% and 33% of the load at failure.
Canson Museum Backing Boards provide the best possible quality.  Multiple plies of smooth cotton paper are laminated using water-based acid-neutral adhesive. They have an Ivory White aspect and are the same colour on both faces and in the core.

Made from 100% cotton fibres, naturally acid-free, treated against mould, ISO 9706 and Photographic Activity Test (PAT) compliant. Made in France.

For more info see Lion 54 p.54 or click here
MEET LION in 2018...
24-26 APRIL
NEC, Birmingham, UK
12-13 MAY
15-18 MAY
Adhesive products work best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free.

These solvent wipes contain 70% isopropyl alcohol which dries instantly. Wipe surfaces before applying tape or adhesive.  Ideal when using Heavy Duty (HD) Tape to apply sub-frames to the back of printed panels.

For more info see Lion 54 p.49 or click here
Our popular M425 & M427 AluWood profiles are now available in an additional 5 finishes:White Painted Oak, Black Painted Oak, Ash, Flint & Slate.

These strong, narrow aluminium profiles are wrapped in real wood veneers, giving you the beauty of wood & the strength of aluminium combined.

For more info on the new finishes request our forthcoming New Ranges for Spring or click here
...and in other news
For more info on the Classic 2CV Racing Club click here
See 2CV Team LION on BBC Top Gear
The new series of Top Gear has started on Sunday  evenings on BBC2.  Watch out for the episode celebrating 70 years of Citroen 2CV.  In that, you should see the 2CV Team LION car in a mock race.  Look out for our grey/red car 97, driven there by our Chairman, Martin Harrold.