Lion Newsletters 2019

  • January 2019

    New moulding range;Minerale. Fletcher Point Drivers are our product in focus.

  • February 2019

    SUB15 now available with tape pre-applied. The efficient way to hang printed panels.

  • March 2019

    Request your copy of Lion 55 with new and improved products.

  • April 2019

    Minerva Polymer mouldings to bediscontinued. Lion 55 out now.

  • May 2019

    Save 20% on Mekol PVA Glue. How to pay your credit account online.

  • June 2019

    How to Float Mount on heavy paper. New mouldings introduced.

  • July 2019

    Show summer moulding clearance. New moulding 'Rattan'.

  • August 2019

    Lower prices on Velcro. Mouldings 2020 coming soon.

  • September 2019

    Mouldings 2020 launch edition, featuring over 30 new ranges, profiles & finishes. 

  • October 2019

    Latest trends in design and Sekisui Kraft paper tape.

  • November 2019

    Bare woods for sustainable framing and musings from our founder, Martin Harrold.