Materials & Equipment for Picture Framing and Wall Décor Professionals £50 minimum order

Turn Print Into Wall Decor

You've produced a print on canvas, paper or direct to media. What's next? 

Stretching a canvas onto wooden stretcher bars is a quick and easy:

In one simple process you've added value to the printed canvas and opened up new markets for your business with a complete, finished product.

Stretcher bars for canvas

The perceived value of the stretched canvas is taken to another level with minimal effort by adding a tray frame made from L Style mouldings:

When compared to the level of skill and investment required to generate a printed canvas, turning it into finished wall décor is easy and profitable. With minimal outlay you can add another income stream with a diverse potential customer base to your business.


If you're producing graphic panels on acrylic, aluminium composite or direct to media, it's quick and easy to add a sub-frame, which gives it a floating appearance on the wall, provides a means of hanging and adds substance:


NEW: If you’d like to learn more about turning what you print into profitable wall décor, we’re partnering with Antalis to run a hands-on one-day workshop at their Digital Academy in Coalville, Leicestershire. You’ll learn how to stretch and frame a printed canvas, and how to mount, laminate and frame a print on paper.

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