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Newly R30 Rail White 1.5m x 3pcs

Part No. 7089

Price: £28.56 In Stock


  • Newly R30 End Cap White 5pcs (7092)
  • Newly R30 Corner Cap - White 5pcs (7329)
  • Newly Drill Template 1 (7055)

Newly R30 Rail
A strong and very versatile rail

• Fits to wall, flush to ceiling if required

• Supports up to 50 kg/m

• Fixes and joins with Newly Fixing Clip / Joiner & screws, supplied by you, every 300mm approx

• You can cut to length

• Can be painted

• End & corner caps available

• Suspender / rod options: Perlon, Steel cable & Steel rod Twister Suspenders, G-Top Square Rods

R30 White, 1.5m x 3pcs

IMPORTANT: 'Cobra' suspenders do not fit into any of the Newly rails. 'Twisters' will fit into most Clip rails.

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