Moth Eye Museum Acrylic 3mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet

Moth Eye Museum Acrylic 3mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet
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10629 Moth Eye Museum Acrylic 3mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet

Frame artwork to last for generations, present it with exceptional clarity

Moth Eye Museum Acrylic glass is the perfect choice when your customers want to preserve their finest and most important art with conservation standard framing. The high-quality cast acrylic is coated on both sides with a special Moth Eye laminate to block 99.8% of damaging UV rays while allowing 98.6% of light to pass through, minimising reflections.

We can despatch Moth-Eye in single sheets, no minimum order.

Samples & Merchandising:

10689 Moth Eye Museum Acrylic Merchandiser

SAMP10 Moth Eye Museum Acrylic Sample Sheet

10734 Moth Eye Consumer Leaflet 30 pack

Key Features:


+ 99.8% UV protection to shield valuable artwork from fading and deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays.

+ 98.6% light transmission rating makes it virtually invisible. The non-reflective coating technology is inspired by the graded surface of moths’ eyes which makes light bend at the surface and be transmitted through the eye instead of reflected off it, as it would be from a smooth surface.

+ 10 times the impact strength of glass - protects valuable artwork from damage in the event of an accident and makes frames safer to ship.

+ 50% lighter than glass – makes frames easier to handle, ship and hang.

+ Certified by SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company.


+ No risk of material wastage due to accidental breakage.

+ Scratch resistant coating – easy to handle.

+ Anti-static properties – prevents the build up of dust.

+ Easy to clean - Just use a microfibre cloth. If a cleaning agent is required, spray a small amount of regular glass cleaner onto the cloth.

+ Cut by hand or on your sheet material cutter – score both sides before snapping.


+ Increase the perceived value of your framing and make more profit per frame compared to standard acrylic or glass.

+ Order one sheet at a time – minimal investment in stock.


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