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Twister - Steel Suspender 1.5m Pack of 10

Part No. 7076

Price: £33.20 In Stock

Newly Twister Suspenders

Shank is completely hidden in rail

Twister features

Newly Twister Suspenders are stylish, discreet and easy to store when not in use.

• Patented

• Work with all Newly rails

• Loads:
with H50T Hook, 5kg
with H100 / H100S Hook, 20kg

• Push up into rail, Twist 90°, Pull down to lock

• Barrel of Twister suspender is hidden inside rail

• Choose Twister to suit:
- 2mm perlon, translucent
- steel cable, silver
- steel rod, white

• Twisters in six lengths 1m - 5m

• To slide sideways, push or tap with stick

Twister 2mm Steel cable, 1.5m, pack of 10

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