LION and The Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG)

LION are proud to be supplier members of the Fine Art Trade Guild. Formed in 1910, FATG encourages and promotes the best in art and framing, developing standards to guide the professional trade and to enable consumers to make informed choices.

The Fine Art Trade Guild’s Five Levels of Framing extend from Museum Level for preservation of the most valuable items, to a basic Budget Level for framing everyday items such as posters. The framing levels were designed to help framers advise customers on the most appropriate methods and materials for framing and mounting their art and memorabilia.

The Fine Art Trade Guild's standards for mountboard are directed to the composition, combination and characteristics of papers and paper boards used in the framing of artwork, keepsakes and memorabilia. We indicate where all our mountboards sit in relation to the three levels – Standard, Museum and Conservation.

LION is a founder sponsor of the Guild Certified Framer programme, which is internationally recognised as the qualification for the framing industry. Qualified GCF's are now framing in 25 countries worldwide. Employers use GCF to set standards, as well as to assess the skills and aptitudes of staff framers. Framers use GCF to confirm their abilities to employers and customers, as well as to enhance their standing in the industry.

To gain the GCF qualification a framer must pass the GCF exam. A key part of preparing for the exam is obtaining the Guild Certified Framer Study Guide, stocked by LION. The study guide is the syllabus for the exam and provides essential information needed to gain the qualification.

The annual Art & Framing Industry Convention and Awards recognises the best in the business. We are honoured to have been chosen by Guild members to receive the Art & Framing Industry’s Customer Service Award a record 12 times! Most recently in May 2022. Thank you to all who voted for us and to the whole LION team for making this possible.