Cordless Shrink Wrapping System kit 240v

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3450 Cordless Shrink Wrapping System kit 240v

A framing workshop often has a need to wrap mounted prints, frames and similar. The lowest cost and easiest method is shrink wrapping. In this Cordless system, the Sealing Arm sits in the Heating Base, 240v, with no wire connecting them. The operator lifts the arm out of the base unit and can use it anywhere on the work table. After a use cycle, it is placed back in the base to re-heat.

It’s a great way to apply clear shrink-film protection to frames, mounted prints and posters on board. Also great for all kinds of low-volume shrink film wrapping and protection for products and packages. With practice it wraps art prints up to the size of the shrink film, 780mm max. Also, packs up to about shoe-box size.

The Sealing Arm, 785mm, drops into the Heating Base. There, it heats and re-heats and stays hot through a normal sealing cycle. The base plugs into a normal 240v 13a socket. Heating level is adjustable to set the heating temperature to achieve a fine balance between sealing and cutting the shrink film. It can take a little practice to achieve this.

The strips of silicone foam rubber, included, should be laid as an L on the work table. They form a non-stick surface. The hot edge of the Sealing Arm should be smeared with a thin film of the silicone grease, included.

This Cordless Shrink Wrapping System has no trailing leads and offers little restriction as to where on the work table the film is sealed and cut.

Cordless Shrink Wrapper kit includes:

- Heating Base

- Sealing Arm 785mm/31”

- Silicone Foam Rubber Strips, pack of two

- Silicone Grease tube 50gm

The Cordless Shrink Wrapping System is designed for fair and intermittent use.

You will also need: 

3451 Rolls Dispenser:  Shrink film normally comes folded and in quite heavy rolls. The Rolls Dispenser allows film to be pulled off the roll. The open edge of the folded film should face the operator and the Separator Bar opens it up, allowing the product to be wrapped to slip in.

Hot Air Gun: You will need a hot air gun to shrink the film. It is the type typically sold by DIY stores for stripping paint.

A flat top work bench, at least 1000mm wide, with handy twin power socket. Ideally, to avoid trailing leads, the socket should be close to the work bench.

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More info:

PUB062 Cordless Shrink Wrapping system Info Sheet 

The system is made in the UK, is engineered to ISO 9002 and carries the CE mark. It requires a 240v, 5 amp supply. Some details of the design are copyright or subject of patent applications.

Product name changed and information updated June 2020


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