Alfamacchine CH100 Coil machine for fixing 1 Hole hangers

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5898 Alfamacchine CH100 Coil machine for fixing 1 Hole hangers

Made in Italy by the long-established framing equipment manufacturing company, Alfamacchine, this proven machine is a fast and economic way to fix 1 Hole hangers to frame backing board

Alfamacchine coil fed hanger fixing machine. A tough and proven automatic machine for the higher volume frame producer.

It fixes the 1-Hole press-fix hangers, in Black and Zinc Plate, to hardboard, backing board and MDF, 1mm to 4mm thick, with just a push on the foot air switch. The machine needs a compressed air supply, but not electricity

+  Coil change is fast with the pneumatic feeder system

+  Easy set-up and adjustment of the hanger as it feeds into the machine

+  The pneumatic diaphragm in the operating head is simple and reliable

+  Air consumption is minimised

Made in Italy by Alfamacchine, ref #CH100 Coil

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5898  Alfamacchine CH100 Coil machine for 1 Hole press-fix hangers

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PUB043  Information on the full range of Alfamacchine press-fix hangers and equipment 8pp

Product information updated May 2020


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