Value White Core Antique White Mountboard 1 sheet

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V0203 Value White Core ANTIQUE WHITE Mountboard 1 sheet

1.4mm, 1120 x 815mm / 44” x 32”  Packed in 10’s

- Face and backing papers are lignin free

- Pure white core, free of lignin which removes the risk of acid developing over time

- Cores are pH neutral and calcium carbonate buffered to enhance lifespan by minimising the effect of atmospheric pollutants

V0203  Value White Core ANTIQUE WHITE

Despatch or Collection? Under our Mixed Mountboard Despatch scheme we pick and despatch 10 sheets or more of any mixture of mountboard and other boards. We pack them in special damage resistant cartons to keep them safe in transit.

You are welcome to buy any quantity of Value and other mount boards when visiting our Birmingham trade counter.

Value ANTIQUE WHITE is also available in Cream Core V0205 and Conservation V0201

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Value Display Chevrons set

5213  Full set of all Value mountboard face colours as bevel-cut chevrons, labelled for display. 260 x 260 x 80mm wide. Ask when ordering other items and we’ll send a set free

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