Tiger Anti static Cloth Large 450 x 250mm

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4700 Tiger Anti static Cloth Large 450 x 250mm

Static Wisk products by Kinetronics include anti-static microfibre cloths which are specifically engineered for cleaning sensitive static prone surfaces.

They have stripes of conductive fibres every 4mm that help dissipate static charges. The ultra-soft cloths are so gentle you’ll feel comfortable using them on acrylics, Plexi, glass and photos. Nano size pockets in the microfibre cloths lift and capture the dust and dirt.

The Tiger cloth is orange and designed to be used dry. The Panther cloth is black and designed to be used moist, with cleaning fluids.

Always store Tiger cloths in their zip lock bags. 

4700  Tiger Anti-static Cloth, orange Large 450 x 250mm Use dry

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TypeMicrofibre cloths
Materialpolyester fibre
ForCleaning surfaces