Value Conservation Pale Ivory Mountboard 1 sheet



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V0401 Value Conservation PALE IVORY Mountboard 1 sheet

1.4mm, 1120 x 815mm / 44” x 32”  Packed in 10’s

- Acid-free cores of alpha-cellulose, which start white and stay white

- Face papers are colour-fast, bleed resistant and sized

- Boards are buffered and with no OBAs

- Backing papers are off-white and acid free

- Meets or exceeds FATG Standard for Level 2, Conservation

V0401  Value Conservation PALE IVORY

Value PALE IVORY is also available in Cream Core V0405 and White Core V0403

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Value Display Chevrons set

5213  Full set of all Value mountboard face colours as bevel-cut chevrons, labelled for display. 260 x 260 x 80mm wide. Ask when ordering other items and we’ll send a set free

Product information updated April 2019

Mixed Sheet Despatch: Ordering sheet material from LION is easy, you don't have to order in full packs. Mix and match single sheets of mountboard and other selected sheet materials. You just need to order a mixture of at least ten sheets in total.


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