CWH1 Micro sawtooth Square Hanger pack 50

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6925A CWH1 Micro-sawtooth Square Hanger pack 50

Specially designed for hanging art on stretched canvas and for frames with hollow backs. They are fitted in pairs and have slots for vertical adjustment - the design also allows some side-ways adjustment. They can hang on almost any nails, pins, screws, wall hooks or suspender hooks.

Fits frames with hollow backs 6mm+ deep and moulding 18mm+ wide. Guides speed alignment on the frame.

Safe working load, based on our tests and experience: 10kg, when used in pairs

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More info:

PUB036  How to fit and use CWH Micro-sawtooth Square Hangers

PUB005  Stretching Fine Art Canvases

PUB004  Stretching Inkjet Prints on Canvas

The name, style, concept and detail of all CWH Square Sawtooth Hangers are parts of an original idea which is © 2009 LION PFS Ltd. All rights reserved.

Product information updated December 2019


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PUB005 Stretching Fine Art Canvases

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PUB004 Stretching Inkjet Prints on Canvas

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PUB036 CWH Hangers

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TypeSawtooth hangers
ForPicture hanging
Max Load10kg