Alfamacchine Press fix struts Long 147mm Black pack 50

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7517 Alfamacchine Press fix struts Long 147mm Black pack 50

The unique Alfamacchine Metal Frame Strut System lets you quickly make up stand backs of MDF to fit ready-made frames.

The patented bendable steel strut has press-fix starbursts. A strut is laid sharp side up onto the locating spring pins in the Alfamacchine SE100 press or in the locator disc 9561 in an Alfamacchine SH100 or SH200 press. The backing board is laid into the adjustable guide. One pull on the lever and the strut is pressed and locked firmly to the board.

Strut stays flat on the backing board until required for use. Then it is simply bent up and adjusted until the frame stands are the desired angle.

The design of the bendable strut means it stays where it is when bent and works over a wide range of angles. It is designed so that it will normally bend and re-bend up to 30 times.

Struts can be used as they are. Moulded plastic tips are an option - the two pieces  clip together through the hole in the strut.

7517  Long Struts 147mm steel, Black  pack 50

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More info:

PUB043  Information on the full range of Alfamacchine press-fix hangers and presses 8pp

Product information updated June 2020


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