Fletcher Picture Perfect 100 Frame Pack

Fletcher Picture Perfect 100 Frame Pack
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7441 Fletcher Picture Perfect 100 Frame Pack

The easy way to hang wood or polymer frames level and safe

Features two keyhole steel bridges screwed to either side of the back of the frame. The really clever bits are the fixing buttons, with marker points.

First, put buttons into the bridges and tape the little spirit level onto the top of the frame. Offer the frame up to the wall, get it level and press buttons firmly to the wall. The points will mark the wall. Remove buttons from bridges and pin them to the wall, in the marked positions. Place the frame over the buttons and push down. For best results fit felt bumpers to the bottom of the frame.

A bulk box of parts for 100 frames.

- Hang frames precisely where you want them

- Frames remain level, safe and secure

- No marking, measuring, or guesswork

- Holds up to 50lbs

Box contains:

200 x brackets

400 x screws

100 x spirit levels

100 x tape strips

200 x markers

200 x nails

100 x bumpers


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