Rolls Rack Wall Fixing Side Panels 1 pair LION

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6784 Rolls Rack Wall Fixing Side Panels 1 pair LION

Substantial steel roll rack for safe storage of mounting, laminating and print media on rolls up to 1300mm wide

Rolls of laminates can be very heavy and this rack ensures optimum safety. Never store flat on a shelf as the weight can create flats. Always store vertically or supported on a rack system like this Rolls Rack.

Side Panels: These work as a pair and the bars fit between them

The steel side panels are made from 3.2mm laser cut steel powder coated. Each is fitted with substantial steel angles, drilled with 6mm holes to secure to wall. The centre point of the bars is 120mm from the wall. The side plates projection by 150mm. Side Panels are handed: 660 x 150mm

6784  ROLLS RACK Side Panels 1 pair. Order Roll Bars to suit

Roll Bars: Order a set of bars to suit the width of the rolls you wish to store. The Roll Bars are 25mm o/d steel, 2.3mm wall thickness, zinc plated, with moulded end-caps. Packed in fours.

7261  Roll Bars for Rolls Rack 705mm long, 0.6kg each. Pack of 4

7262  Roll Bars for Rolls Rack 1410mm long, 1.2kg each. Pack of 4

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