Newly R20 Rail Pack 2m

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7591 Newly R20 Rail Pack 2m

Newly Art Hanging Systems - starter packs for home, office & gallery.

Hang pictures neatly and safely without drilling random holes in the wall. You will need a Newly Hanging Rail pack and a Newly Suspender pack.

Newly Hanging Rail packs contain all parts needed for the rail. Choose a rail style, either R10 or R20. Then choose a Suspender Pack

Select a Newly Hanging Rail pack:

Hanging Rail pack 7590 contains: 

+ Hanging rail, R10, 2m x 1 White

+ Rail clips, screws and plugs x 6

+ Rail end caps x 2,  Rail corner cap x 1

Hanging Rail pack 7591 contains: 

+ Hanging rail, R20, 2m x 1 White

+ Rail clips, screws and plugs x 6

+ Rail end caps x 2, Rail corner cap x 1

Select a Newly Suspender pack:

Suspender pack 7592 contains:

+ Twister perlon suspender, 1.5m x 1

+ Hook, H50 x 1

Suspender pack 7593 contains:

+ Twister perlon suspender, 1.5m x 1

+ Hook, H100 x 1

You will also need a drill and tools.

Planning the installation of an Art Hanging System? 

Ask us for a Newly Samples Pack including Newly R10 rail in Ivory and in White, plus a Twister suspender and H50 and H100 adjustable hooks, 9941.



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