Flexipoints 15mm Semi Rigid box 6000 Alfamacchine

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7828 Flexipoints 15mm Semi Rigid box 6000 Alfamacchine

These silver semi-rigid flexipoints are bonded along the sides into strips for easy handling

Semi-Rigid flexipoints are fired into the back of a frame against the backing board. They push down to hold the glass, artwork and backing in place. They differ from Standard flexis as they are made of a higher grade of steel which is more resistant to bending, so are more often used in framing where the back is less likely to be opened.

They fit LION P515, Inmes FI-150M, FP-150, Cassese, Flex 0.4, Omer, Tabmaster, T-220 and similar flexi drivers. They do not fit Fletcher drivers.

Standard flexis are to the internationally accepted size of 15mm x 4.5mm and these are 0.4mm thick with a silver finish. Made in Italy.

7828 Flexipoints Semi Rigid Silver by Alfamacchine box 6,000

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Loading flexis into your driver: The high-speed pressing process in manufacturing makes each one very, slightly rounded one way at the edges. If you find that they jam in your driver, try re-inserting them the other way round.

Product information updated September 2020


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