VuPlex Plastic Surface Cleaner and Anti Static Polish 375g Aerosol

VuPlex Plastic Surface Cleaner and Anti Static Polish 375g Aerosol
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7937 VuPlex Plastic Surface Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish 375g Aerosol

Polish and protect plastic glass

The truly amazing anti-static cleaner, polish and protector for most acrylic, styrene, pvc & polyester surfaces. Great for super glossy kitchen cabinet doors. Also ideal and safe for the cleaning of clear plastic PPE Face Shields.

VuPlex® was originally developed for use on plastic airliner windscreens. Use it for fast and effective maintenance of acrylic, styrene, polyester and similar surfaces. Made in Australia.

Some other cleaners use abrasives to remove dirt and scratches, but this introduces more fine scratches to the surface. VuPlex® works in the opposite way. It removes dirt and grime in the surface and adds a fine layer of polymer which fills in small scratches to leave the surface protected and with a lustrous finish.

If VuPlex is applied when acrylic or styrene surfaces are new, it helps protect them from premature aging. If the surface is already damaged with fine scratches and in-ground grime, VuPlex restores the surface and clarity, leaving a polished & protected finish.

• Ingredients are safe, with no abrasive - they won’t damage plastic surfaces.

• Very safe to use. Certificated compliance with TSCA (U.S. Toxic substances check)

• A very fine coating of polymer is applied which gives protection from micro scratching, surface dust and atmospheric conditions.

• Anti-static agent controls static build-up on surfaces which could attract fine dust which can be abrasive.

• VuPlex quickly polishes to a high shine and keeps plastic looking ‘as new’. Use a microfibre cloth for best results.

• Comes in an aerosol spray can, so always ready for use and cannot spill. Shake before use.

Caution: Do not clean acrylic, styrene or polyester surfaces with normal glass cleaner as this may cause it to haze over.

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