Picture Hook Wall Plates XXL 200 x 100mm 1 pair

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9063A Picture Hook Wall Plates XXL 200 x 100mm 1 pair

To hang art and mirrors on marble, tiled and glass walls without drilling

Max load 7.2kg each, and for technical reasons, that is also our recommended maximum frame weight, even when used in pars.

How do Picture Hook Wall Plates work?

Picture Hook Wall Plates are screwless picture frame hooks that have been developed to help hang a framed piece of art, a mirror or similar, on a wall with an integral surface such as tile, glass, mirror, marble enamel steel and similar. Each plate is thick, flat, zinc plated steel, with a high-grab rubber adhesive. The plate has a pressed-in hook, designed to engage with CWH hangers fixed to the frame. Picture Hook Wall Plates are made in EU and quality is assured. 

No drilling is required and they have an instant grab, high-strength adhesive, proven over many years. This can be removed with lighter fluid. Not suitable for surfaces such as paint on plaster. Reason? The adhesive sticks to the paint but the paint can come away from the wall. 

Typically, Picture Hook Wall Plates are used in pairs. They are self-adhesive to bond to the wall and engage with CWH Hangers or similar fitted to a wood or aluminium frame. Wall must be smooth, dry and perfectly clean.

When installing in an environment with occasional moisture or steam, then once positioned on a clean, dry surface, apply very firm pressure for 30 seconds to ensure the best possible seal against moisture.

9063A Large Wall Hook Plates take 7.2kg each, pack of 1 pair

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These loadings are calculated and not yet tested. For technical reasons, those are also our recommended maximum frame weight, even when used in pars. 

At the base of a frame, heavy-duty Velcro pads can be fixed between the wall and the frame to stabilise it. These also act as a modest theft deterrent.

The name, style, concept and detail of all Wall Hook Plates are parts of an original idea which is © 2013 LION PFS Ltd. All rights reserved.

Safe working load, based on our tests: 7.2kg

Load Testing

We have an in-house purpose-built load testing rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of any frame hardware from Lion.

SWL – Red handle icon giving a tested safe load figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically between 25% and 33% of the load at failure. 

ESWL – White handle icon shows an estimated safe load figure based on our experience and best judgement.


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TypePicture hooks
ForPicture hanging
Max Load7kg