Panel Hanging Plates B 100 x 100mm Self Adhesive Kit with hooks

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7509W Panel Hanging Plates B 100 x 100mm Self Adhesive Kit with hooks

Flat steel self-adhesive hanging plates, designed to bond to the back of art and graphics on flat board, aluminium, acrylic or di-bond/ACP type panels, glass and mirrors. The release paper on each is easy-peel. They then hang on hooks, screws or nails in the wall. Best used in pairs.

The perfectly flat steel plates have very strong instant grab adhesive on thin foam laminate, allowing them to conform to the micro surface of the substrate. White adhesive reduces shadows on translucent panels.

7509W pack contains:

- 2 x Steel Hanging Plates B 100 x 100mm. Each plate hangs up to 3.6kg, we recommend two plates per item.

- 2 x Self-adhesive 10 x 10mm Foam Bumpers, to help panels hang flat on the wall.

- 2 x Hooks, which fix with screws and wall plugs supplied. Adjustable for level.

All adhesive products work best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free. Use solvent surface wipes 9837 (sachets) or 9838 (tub).

The full range of Panel Hanging Plates:

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All made in the EU.

Load Testing

We have an in-house purpose-built load testing rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of any frame hardware from Lion.

SWL – Red handle icon giving a tested safe load figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically between 25% and 33% of the load at failure. 

ESWL – White handle icon shows an estimated safe load figure based on our experience and best judgement.


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TypeHanging plates
ForPanel hanging
Max Load3.6kg