Panel Hanging Plates B 100 x 100mm Kit with Wabil Hanger

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7511W Panel Hanging Plates B 100 x 100mm Kit with Wabil Hanger

Perfectly flat zinc-plated steel plates, with a horizontal hanging bridge

Self Adhesive Panel Hanging Plates are a quick and economical way to hang prints on substrates including Chromaluxe, Dibond, Fomex, and acrylic. They allow the panel to hang on almost any hook, nail or screw.

Used indivudally, panel hanging plates are ideal for smaller panels. They can also be used in pairs.

Adhesive & Application

- All plates are backed with a high-quality polyethylene foam pad with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. The paper release liner is slightly larger than the plates to make for easy peeling.

- Always prepare the surface with a solvent wipe prior to applying the hangers. See 9837 (sachets) or 9838 (tub).

- Apply only to clean, dry, flat, dust-free and non-porous substrates. Not suitable for soft surfaces such as paper, mountboard, or similar.

- Recommended weights are based on the manufacturer's recommendations for a single plate. However, it is advised that you carry out your own tests.

Pack contains

2 x Steel Hanging Plate 100mm x 100mm, each plate hangs up to 3.6kg each. We recommend two plates per image, more if it is particularly large or heavy.

2 x Self-Adhesive 10mm wide Foam Bumpers to help panels hang flat.

2 x Foam Spacers

2 x Wabil Hangers 

2 x Wall plugs

2 x Screws

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TypeHanging plates
ForPanel hanging
Max Load3.6kg