Alfamacchine TRANSLUCENT Polymer pad for underpinners Medium wood

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9464 Alfamacchine TRANSLUCENT Polymer pad for underpinners Medium wood

The Alfamacchine L-Pad Top Clamping System is fitted to all U-Series underpinners. It can also be retro-fitted to all Minigraf and AMP underpinners

The unique L-Pad system features quick-change pliable polymer pads which fit into pad holders on the top clamp.

The L-Pads conform under pressure to the contour of the moulding surface to improve clamping without damaging delicate surfaces. Pads are quickly swapped to suit different types of mouldings. They are easily wiped or washed clear of glue.

L-Pads come in three degrees of hardness. 

9464  Alfamacchine Polymer L-Pad TRANSUCENT for medium wood

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9463  Alfamacchine Polymer L-Pad BLUE for softer wood

9465  Alfamacchine Polymer L-Pad BLACK for harder wood

More info:

Upgrade your Alfamacchine Minigraf or AMP underpinner, any age or model to use the L-Pad system. If it has a magnetic face under the top clamp you can upgrade to by ordering:

9462 L-Pad Holder, plus your choice of L-Pads:

9463 L-Pad SW BLUE
9465 L-Pad HW BLACK

If there is no magnetic face, contact liontech@lionpic.co.uk with a description and photo of your machine.

Product information updated April 2020


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