Microfibre Polishing Towels 300mm x 230mm 6 in a roll

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9477A Microfibre Polishing Towels 300mm x 230mm 6 in a roll

Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide ultra-fine fibres, the split fibres with millions of micro strands attract and lift dirt and grime with ease. And they won’t damage the surface.

These are the real thing; watch out for look-alikes which don’t have the essential polyamide fibre.

When used dry, the static electricity build-up attracts dust and grime, without chemicals. When used damp, not wet, the water works with the micro-fibres to remove stubborn marks and leave a streak-free finish. To clean, hand or machine wash in warm water, with a small amount of detergent. Never use fabric conditioner or bleach.

These microfibre towels are a generous 300 x 230mm, Great for cleaning and polishing picture glass and mirrors. Also for polishing cars, shoes, kitchen cabinets – almost anything!

Towels are 300 x 230mm, mixed colours, 6 towels in a roll.

9477A  Microfibre Polishing TOWELS  6 in a roll

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