Bambi PT24 110lpm Compressor Single

Bambi PT24 110lpm Compressor Single
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9533 Bambi PT24 110lpm Compressor Single

Oil free, ultra-low noise; listen before you buy

The new Bambi PT range of direct-drive workshop compressors offers low noise, from 54 dB(A). They are oil-free, so no topping up required.

+ Minimal maintenance, no oil level to check

+ Condor pressure switch, 10μ air filter and outlet pressure regulator and stainless steel braided pipework all fitted as standard.

+ Anti-corrosion internally coated air tank, to prolong its life and ensure that all air is contamination free.

+ Runs off standard 13a socket

+ Motor cover provides user protection from hotter parts and gives perfect cooling air circulation.

+ Choose Auto-Drain, to avoid the need for regular draining of condensate from the tank.

+ Piston ring material is to a special Bambi specification

+ High quality Japanese 'SMC' brand filter/regulator unit, 

+ CE certified pressure relief valve

Bambi Quiet & Silent Compressors

Noise levels can be very subjective and there are many variables including background noise and the acoustic environment. We suggest that you visit our warehouse and have a listen.

Typically, you might run an underpinner and an air tool off a compressor. These should normally be run at different pressures. 

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Bambi PT Quiet Compressors Manual.pdf - 7.79 MB


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