ColourMount WHITE CORE Self adhesive board 2.4mm 1200 x 800mm 1 sheet

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9519 ColourMount WHITE CORE Self-adhesive board 2.4mm 1200 x 800mm 1 sheet

Possibly the only self-adhesive mounting board with a White Core

You can MYOM – ‘Make Your Own Mountboard’, using almost any wrapping paper, decorative paper, newspaper or similar.

When you cut the window opening, the bevel will be white, not grey or brown. And as it is acid-free, the bevel will stay white. Working with a wide format printer, this White Core adhesive board gives you lots of creative possibilities. The adhesive is permanent, but may be repositionable for the first few minutes.

With self-adhesive boards, always peel up and fold back a 10mm strip of release paper along one edge and align the item to be mounted. Then peel back more and press down as you go. You might regret pulling off the whole release paper in one go! The acrylic adhesive develops full bond over two days.

Best to use a brayer roller or a roller laminator to help ensure the paper is bonded firmly to the adhesive board.

This board is 1.2mm thick, sheet size 1200 x 800mm

9519  ColourMount WHITE CORE Self-adhesive 2.4mm, 1200 x 800mm / 47” x 31.5”

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Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather? When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.

Product information updated May 2020

Mixed Sheet Despatch: Ordering sheet material from LION is easy, you don't have to order in full packs. Mix and match single sheets of mountboard and other selected sheet materials. You just need to order a mixture of at least ten sheets in total.


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