Invisible Glass 643ml Spray Bottle

Invisible Glass 643ml Spray Bottle
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9478 Invisible Glass 643ml Spray Bottle

Invisible Glass is made by Stoner in USA and is the premium glass cleaner

Invisible Glass has a powerful multi-component cleaning formulation designed specifically to clean glass without leaving streaks or haze. It quickly removes tough dirt, dust, grease, adhesives and fingerprints. Contains no soaps or dyes.

For best results and a streak free finish use with microfibre cleaning cloths, 9477.

No Additives or Residues

The Clear Dry Formula of Invisible Glass is free from additives that leave streak-causing residues on glass.

No Soaps

Clear Dry® formula starts clean using a unique water source free from additives. They have developed a blend of water-soluble cleaners that work hard and evaporate completely. They never use streaky soaps that leave behind residues.      

No Scents

Free from synthetic fragrances, harsh fumes and ammonia. Invisible Glass never contains added fragrances that can become household irritants and streak glass.

No Dyes

Clear Dry® formula is as clear as your sparkling clean glass. No added dyes and colours prevent streaks and eliminate surface staining.

No Residues

Residues from soaps, scents, dyes and additives are found in many glass cleaners. These residues cling to glass surfaces forming streaks and attracting dust and grime.

No Streaks

The water-soluble cleaners work hard to break down greasy fingerprints, pet slobber, dust and grime, leaving your surfaces streak-free! Invisible Glass makes glass so clean you'll think it's invisible.

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