Flat Panel Stand Kit 100 kits

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9458F Flat Panel Stand Kit 100 kits

Designed to make small and medium sized flat graphic panels of Aluminium, Acrylic, Di-Bond, Glass, Steel and similar stand on a surface.

The Panel Stand simply clips into the special steel self-adhesive base plate stuck onto the back of the panel. The stand is easily bent to fine adjust the standing angle.

The Panel Stand is 75mm long with a clear bumper and the Base Plate is 80 x 40mm.

Hanging plates, hooks and pins provide the option to hang the panel.

Each kit contains:

Flat Panel Stand x 1
Foam bumper x 1
Hang Plate x 1
Hook x 1
Pin x 1
Foam spacers x 2

Box of 100 kits


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Q: This appears to let you choose whether the panel hangs or stands. Is that correct?

That is correct. Both stands and hanging fixings are included.


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