HangLOCK Plates & SpringLOCK Kit for Secret Fixing a Flat Panel

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9486 HangLOCK Plates + SpringLOCK Kit for Secret Fixing a Flat Panel

Securing a flat panel to a wall without drilling it is often referred to as secret fixing

These HangLOCK Adhesive Plates bond to the back of a (clean) panel and are held to the wall by SpringLOCK locks which fit onto almost any screws in the wall.

The self-adhesive steel plates are shaped to take the head of the wall screw and for the SpringLOCK lock to slide in from the side to hold onto the screw. The plates bond to aluminium, steel, di-bond, acrylic, foamed PVC and similar graphic panels. No drilling of the panel is required.

The kit includes two SpringLOCK locks. The locks can be pushed home with thumb pressure. Use a SpringLOCK release tool to remove. Always use wipes or similar to ensure that the back of the panel is perfectly clean and grease-free. 

HangLOCK plates are 120 x 40mm each, zinc plated steel. Designed and made in UK.

Estimated safe working load, untested, 3kg 

Kit contains:

HangLOCK Plates x 2
SpringLOCK bridges 9480 x 2

Installers will need to supply two suitable wall screws and plugs.

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Product information updated April 2021


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